Suites 4 – 6

Apartments 4-6 are located  on the 1st floor of the 2-storey block of apartments and might have a slight advantage in terms of view and the cooling breezes of the trade-winds.

Our suites have a fully equipped kitchen. Each kitchen has a variety of kettles, slice toasters, toasters for Panini or coffee machines (for french or greek coffee), which may vary from suite to suite, so if you have a specific taste for something just let us know, and it will be provided. Also the pots and the pans can be used at the two(2) solid electric plate cookers of each kitchen.

Once you come in the suite you find the kitchen on your left side, a wooden bench for seating and suitcases and straight ahead the two single beds with wooden bookshelves from each side, and through the double glazed windows you have access to the balcony. Once you enter the door on your right side you find the suite’s bathroom, that offers only a shower room with glazed tempered windows, and at 180 degrees a closet, for the clothes of two people, with a safe deposit box, large enough for your laptop. As you continue on the main bedroom you have a wooden large furniture facing the double bed, and wooden side benches on both sides of the bed. Also on the main bedroom someone can settle his/hers clothes on the large designed mirrored closet which can easily accommodate the summer clothes of four.

Each suite can be approached only from the back, as from the top floor balconies you can enjoy the beautiful view. Each balcony has a very discreet clothes horse for your bathing towels.

Apartments 4-6 difer from apartments 1-3, not in terms of layout, but with respect to the fact that they In all our villas-apartments, same comforts and amenities are provided.

Enjoy your stay.

PS Suite No 5 vary from suite No 4 and 6 only in the description that left is right, and right is left in terms of layout.

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