A number of activities can be found throughout the island and the ones mentioned below are only a few of them. Our list is brief and not exhaustive.

Someone can visit the 300 acre Theotoky Estate for Wine Tasting and Buying at the Ropa Valley (close to Giannades)
For throwing a few balls, as did the most prominent Greek politician, Mr. Constantinos Karamanlis, you can visit the oldest Golf Club in Greece, the Corfu Glof Club at Vatos, close to Ermones.

Day Boat Trips with a Kaiki to the North eastern coast can be taken from Gouvia, Dassia or Ipsos .If you want to rent a Boat on the North East of the island, this is also possible from Agni or Agios Stefanos.

Amazing water rides and giant slides for endless fun!!! Aqualand Water Park is located in the heart of Corfu island.

Skuba Diving and Snokkerling is best in Nissaki or Kassiopi.

For Horse Back Riding check out the Silvaland Riding Centre, close to Varipatades, North of Kalafationes. Someone can arrange for riding lessons as well.

Bike Tours could be taken at Dassia, Acharravi and Pantokratoras besides other places.

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