Corfu is, in a word, the most elegant of all the Greek islands. Its voluptuous natural beauty perfectly showcases the architecture of the island, an incredible blend of Continental European grandeur and Mediterranean simplicity. Peering over the rooftops of Corfu Town, with its narrow balconies and wrought-iron railings, you feel your gaze transported in time yet the island is firmly rooted in the present. There’s a reason why Corfu consistently ranks among the world’s top tourist destinations: it’s sophisticated yet totally unpretentious. One reason for Corfu’s lasting appeal is its adherence to tradition, both in its buildings and in the fabric of life. Tradition is a part of daily life, not just in the layout of such settlements as the tranquil Kalami, on the coast, or Pelekas, perched amphitheatrically on a verdant slope, or Argyrades, near the Korissia lagoon, but also in the traditional celebrations of holidays such as Easter, which is observed with particular ceremony. And if the island seems at times like something out of a novel or a memoir, it may be because in very many cases it is just read the works of the Durrells, and others, to get the feel for places like Barbati.

Corfu’s temperate weather recommends it year-round, although the Ionian is known for rain in the fall. But the island truly comes to life in spring, when its color seem to vibrate with the energy of the annual “rebirth”. The island has a peculiar shape that recalls a funnel: its round, broad north tapers to a single point in the south. Its lush, especially in the north, and the pines that seem to grow out of the sea tint its color a deep teal. Coves, some shallow and others deep, create a lace-like effect around its fringes and a number of beaches that make the island a joy to explore in summer. But spring is perfect to explore the island’s interior, discover small villages with ice-cream color houses framed by pretty gardens and rolling fields framed by olive trees and small orchards.

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