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Corfu exudes a languid romance. Corfu Town, especially, inspires a courtliness as you stroll its kantounia, a labyrinth of narrow passages formed between narrow, five- or six-story Venetian residences whose ground floors have been hollowed out to house souvenir shops selling bags, beads, and assorted foods, aromatic soaps, candles, and tulle pouches of dried herbs. Shake off the claustrophobia with a walk along the promenade that traces Garitsa bay or across the Spianada, an open-air park with a small bandstand for the philharmonic’s performances and a makeshift cricket pitch that’s often occupied by local teams. The arched Liston, which rightfully recalls the Rue de Rivoli in Paris, beckons on a break–a good place to sit, sip coffee, and idly watch the flow of people on the town’s periphery.

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