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The island is a revelation for foodies-gastronomes as its local cuisine borrows elements from Italian and French cooking and fuses them with Greek traditions to create the unique local gastronomy that has produced such dishes and bourdeto (fish chowder) and pastitsada (beef stewed in tomato sauce).

Breakfast can be arranged on a daily basis at an extra charge for the couple or the whole family, and the only thing you need to provide us are a completed checklist of a mail we will send you prior to your arrival.

The Villa and the 6 Suites (1-6) have a fully equipped kitchen. Each kitchen has a variety of kettles, slice toasters, toasters for Panini or coffee machines (for French, Greek or Espresso coffee), which may vary from suite to suite, so if you have a specific taste for something just let us know, and it will be provided. Also the pots and the pans can be used at the two (2) solid electric plate cookers of each kitchen.

Dining could be arranged as well, and could be provided only if breakfast is requested as well, so someone can enjoy his/her stay on a half board basis. This can only be offered and arranged prior to your arrival and cannot be altered during your stay.

The restaurant(s) offered will be located at the center of Benitses village and they will be offering top notch Greek and International cuisine. We can arrange the above, but we need ample time, so we can provide you the service we want and you wish for.

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